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December 18, 2018

Head of School Will Laughlin on Oli’s Approach to Holiday Homecomings

At Oli, we approach holiday breaks as an opportunity for growth — and a barometer […]Read More >
December 13, 2018

Home For the Holidays: Reacclimating After a Semester Away

Reacclimating to home life after a semester away can be challenging — here’s how parents […]Read More >
December 6, 2018

Board Member Spotlight: Peter Stevens on Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Peter Stevens — Vice President of Oliverian’s Board of Trustees — recently took the stage […]Read More >
November 29, 2018

Faculty Spotlight: Electives Week Recap with Micah Weiss

Humanities teacher Micah Weiss believes in the power of respectful, open debate, and he’s fostering […]Read More >