Julie Gaffey

April 17, 2018
harvard model congress

Olis Excel at the 2018 Harvard Model Congress

At the 2018 Harvard Model Congress, Olis stood out from the pack in a classic […]Read More >
April 12, 2018
find your path

The Oliverian Path: Find Yourself, Find Your People, Find Your Purpose

We help students get more out of high school.Read More >
April 10, 2018
standardized test scores

Here’s What Standardized Testing Really Measures

Standardized tests are touted as predictors of future success — but studies show they don’t […]Read More >
April 5, 2018
QA Noah Brennan-Sawyer

Faculty Spotlight: Q&A with Noah Brennan-Sawyer

Humanities teacher Noah Brennan Sawyer fosters classroom discussions that challenge Oliverian students to better understand […]Read More >