Julie Gaffey

September 11, 2018

Oli Welcomes Brendan Bigos, Director of Marketing & Development

As most of you know, Barclay Mackinnon has been the welcoming face for every student […]Read More >
August 25, 2018

Follow Head of School Will Laughlin on His Run Through Death Valley

Everyone who knows Oli’s Head of School, Will Laughlin, knows that he really, really likes […]Read More >
July 26, 2018

Letter from Head of School Will Laughlin: YOUR ATTENTION, PLEASE!  

My seven-year old dog, Liam, and my 16-month old son, Colton, are in a relentless […]Read More >
July 31, 2018

From Game Addicted to Unplugged: Why Oli Graduate Jonathan Pines Decided to Put His Phone Down

We sat down with recent Oli graduate Jonathan Pines to talk about technology — and […]Read More >