Julie Gaffey

February 15, 2018
grocery shopping oliverian

Grocery Shopping at Oliverian: How We Overcome Challenges in a Non-Restrictive Environment

Empowering students to navigate challenges is central to Oli’s mission.Read More >
February 7, 2018
discovered joy learning

Why Oli: How One Student Discovered the Joy of Learning

Parent Judi Back discusses why Oliverian’s emphasis on creative freedom helps our students develop a […]Read More >
January 31, 2018
school lunches education

You Are What You Eat: How Diet And Food Affects Learning

Research shows that you really are what you eat. And that matters in the classroom.Read More >
January 24, 2018
special needs education

The Importance of Special Needs Education in 2018

Students’ needs are changing. Let’s meet them head on.Read More >