Marie Greene

November 10, 2021
adventure and history class

Abandoned in the Mountains

At Oli, we love to offer fun and exciting interdisciplinary¬†classes! ¬†In ‘Abandoned in the Mountains’ […]Read More >
November 5, 2021
Fun at the world's largest arcade

We Make Weekends Fun at Oli!

It’s Friday! Weekends at Oliverian are for relaxing and having some fun. What better way […]Read More >
November 3, 2021
Culinary class steak tips and asparagus

Perfect Plating in Culinary Class

The culinary class are learning to cook, season, and plate their own dishes, and recently […]Read More >
November 1, 2021
Oliverian STEM classroom

Engineering Design Process

On day one of our engineering class the students commented about the lack of decoration […]Read More >