Marie Greene

September 9, 2021
Faculty Ready to Welcome Students Back

That’s a Wrap on Faculty Orientation!

That’s a wrap on faculty orientation! We’re ready and eager to welcome back all of […]Read More >
September 10, 2021
sunset on first night students are back

Sunset Signals the End of Students’ First Day Back

And they’re here! What a gorgeous sunset to end the first day students are back […]Read More >
September 13, 2021
Science night during welcome week

‘Blow Stuff Up’, Science Night During Welcome Weekend!

“Blow Stuff Up” was a huge hit during welcome weekend! Students made elephant toothpaste and […]Read More >
September 6, 2021
Blue and Yellow Modern Dotted Labor Day Card-2

Happy Labor Day, 2021!

Happy Labor Day, from your Oli Family!  Thank you to the workers, for all you […]Read More >